Our Timber Products

Cladding and Shed Material

Explore our premium selection of cladding and shed timber material. Discover the durability and aesthetic appeal our timber products can add to your projects.

Enhance outdoor spaces with our high-quality timber decking boards. Learn about the various styles and finishes available to create a beautiful and long-lasting deck.

Ensure a sturdy and reliable roof with our quality roofing battens. Find out how our timber battens contribute to a secure and efficient roofing system.

Discover our timber kits designed for leisure homes and caravans. Explore the flexibility and quality of our pre-cut timber components.

From oak to mahogany, explore our range of high-quality hardwood timber. Learn about the unique characteristics and applications of each timber species.

Our versatile softwood timber is ideal for various projects. Discover its strength, durability, and wide range of applications.

For larger-scale projects, consider our bulk timber options. Find out how you can benefit from our competitive pricing and reliable supply.

If you require specific dimensions or custom timber products, our team can fulfill your requirements. Learn how we cater to custom orders to meet your project’s unique needs.